McKenzie Method

McKenzie Method


McKenzie Method
For Back Pain

In the 1950s, a physical therapist in New Zealand witnessed a patient’s remarkable yet accidental recovery from intense low back pain. The patient was told to go into a room and wait for Mr. McKenzie. He did, however the table was elevated at the head, putting the patient in an arched back position that he sustained for about 5 minutes before being attended to. He felt better than he had in weeks. Mr. McKenzie logged the effects of various movements and pressure on tens of thousands of patients, studied with the experts in back pain, and developed the McKenzie Method, first publishing his efforts in the 1980s.

His method and its development is rooted in what happens to real patients all over the world. Research trials are providing evidence of what Mr. McKenzie has documented. In Florida the insurance industry has recognized the benefits of the McKenzie Method by reimbursing certified practitioners at a higher rate.

The method recognizes that back pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Through an extensive systematic evaluation, patients with back pain can be diagnosed and classified to allow the correct treatment, not general exercise.

The McKenzie techniques for treating spinal pain are specific and comprehensive, a stepwise progression to reduce pain. The treatment is focused on self-management though prescribed exercise and education.

Becoming certified in this method involves mastering the materials and techniques learned in coursework and applying it to hundreds of patients in order to pass a written and practical 8 hour exam. It is a commitment taken by only 24 clinicians here in Massachusetts.

If you have back pain and have not had success in physical therapy before, it is time to try The McKenzie Method.


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