What is Pilates?

The Pilates (pi-LAH-teez) method was originally called “Contrology” by its founder, Joseph Pilates. This system of exercise focuses on core stability through conscious movement improving strength, flexibility and coordination. The exercise routines emphasize precise movements under low load with only 8-10 repetitions. The patterns enhance neuromuscular function reducing stress and strain in the body.

Why Choose Pilates at Holden Physical Therapy?

Pilates at Holden Physical Therapy is taught by owner and physical therapist Karen Hancock. Your Pilates sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. With an experienced physical therapist as your instructor there is no need to worry about that low back problem, shoulder ache, or arthritic knee all exercises will be appropriate for you to reach your goal.


$70 one hour private

$35 half hour private