Patient Testimonials

“Words seem inadequate to describe the great help and encouragement you have given me.”

“As do many Americans, I have come to expect mediocre service much of the time. Karen Hancock’s PT service was at the opposite end of that spectrum. I was so happy to see someone committed to ‘a job well done’.

“Thank you for helping me believe (1) I could do the exercises and (2) that things can improve for me. I very much appreciate all you did.”

“Without your devoted help and knowledge I don’t think I would have made it.”

“Thank you for the best PT we have ever enjoyed.”

“I was in tremendous pain both with my foot and the sciatica, your expertise in physical therapy and what treatment to use, alleviated that pain.”

“Zack and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated everything you did to help Zack get through the football season.”

“I had severe pain in both shoulders and could not walk without severe pain in both knees. With Karen’s extensive knowledge I now know about muscles that I didn’t even know I had and how to stretch and exercise these muscles to keep myself healthy. I now have no pain in my shoulders and minimal in my right knee. I owe this all to Karen.”

“Karen was a great therapist, she took time to explain the exercises and the purpose for doing them. Thank you Karen for your dedication to your patients in helping them live a better quality of life.”